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From Uncertainty to Ready, Set, Action.

Brandi at work

Brandi Sedita was unsure of what to major in when she first stepped into Texas State University.

She picked public relations never thinking that someday she would stand in front of a camera, microphone in hand, and tell the people of Victoria and Waco, Texas what was happening all around them: the news.

After a meeting with her adviser, Sedita decided to change her major to electronic media.

“Majoring in electronic media was a total leap of faith. But as soon as I started classes in this field of study, I fell in love with it,” Sedita said.

Senior lecturer Larry Carlson remembered Sedita as personable, outgoing and focused on improving her work.

“Brandi had her mind made up that she was going to succeed in the electronic media industry,” Professor Carlson said.

Two internships created a direct career path for Sedita. “Internships are vital so I made it my goal to apply anywhere and everywhere,” Sedita said.

CNN Atlanta accepted Sedita’s application and she spent the summer writing daily blurbs on CNN reporters’ activities, publishing it on the website and arranging for affiliates to use the information in their live newscasts.

The following year, she interned at News 8 Austin where she received direct reporting experience shooting, editing and working the assignments desk.

When Sedita graduated from Texas State in December of 2004, News 8 offered her a full-time position as the associate producer/assignment editor.

Still, Sedita wasn’t entirely satisfied and wanted to try reporting. She was hired at KAVU-TV in Victoria, Texas where she navigated through the challenges of shooting and editing yourself.

“It’s very long hours and you have to have tough skin. But it taught me so much!” Sedita said.

After her contract ended with KAVU, she went on to be the main reporter at KCEN-TV in Waco, Texas where she worked the police and courthouse beat.

Currently, Sedita has switched to marketing at Electra Link Inc. The experience she acquired reporting has helped her easily assimilate into a marketing career.

“There are very few jobs that prepare you for any situation that life throws at you as much as reporting,” Sedita said.

Sedita likes her job, likes the better hours and the better pay, but admits her passion is T.V. news.

Watch video clips of Brandi Sedita here.

Story by Elizabeth Beddingfield.

Photo provided by Brandi Sedita.